Day 10

Catching up

Taking yesterday off due to pain and equipment failures hasn’t been the best for the mood, especially since the mind runs wild when you are doing nothing. So I was determined to make “today” (in quotation marks since the day was a little bit longer) count.

I actually set an alarm for 6:30 and almost managed to make my target of a departure at 7. I was still unsure what the day would bring.
Would my right leg start working again? – the short trip to the shop yesterday hasn’t been too promising.
How would the weather be? – the forecast called for heavy winds & showers
How would the bike hold up? – The bearings are around 1000km over their predicted use case.

Turns out my worries were pretty much for naught. After the first pedal strokes it was clear that my right leg was still hurting, but without the cleats I was able to find a position, where the stress was minimal and I got around 20% power from that leg. The other one was also happy about the new found freedom and gladly gave the rest of the necessary power, so that I still managed to average a moving speed of 24.5 km/h in the first part of the trip.
This of course is also in large part thanks to the very slow rolling hills.

The landscape in general took a nice change from pure forest to the known mix of forests and farm land. The road I’ve been riding on was the same as during the last days and seems to be one of the major north-south traverses. Empty lumber trucks go north, full ones south. Weirdly enough a large part of the traffic was motorhomes, but travelling in both directions? Made the impression as if the Finnish from the north wanted to check out the south and vice versa.

The weather was beautiful sunshine mixed with occasional hailstorms. Therefore the temperature was jumping between nice, skin-showing summer and wear-everything-you-own winter. This will lead the best tan in history:
White finger joints (always hidden under the handlebars), dark brown hands, white strips around the wrists where I roll up the arm-warmers and buffs, brown arms from where it’s too warm to wear the full jacket, white shoulders and a dark V on the chest, where I open all available zippers of all the layers when it’s too hot. I’ll probably fit into the zoo together with the zebras.

And besides that? I was determined to go far. The 200km mark came and went sometime around 6pm, the 300km one close to midnight. From that point on it was just 170km to Helsinki.
With that goal in mind I rode through the night ending up at 5 in the morning in Lahti, a fairly big city. Here I am now sitting and recovering a bit, before I’ll push for the last 100km to the ferry, which will set me over to Talinn.

Sadly my camera gave up working somewhere along the way, so there’ll be even fewer pictures 😉

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2 thoughts on “Day 10

  • June 17, 2015 at 08:13

    I cannot decide between calling you crazy, awesome and/or brave for this distance. Zebra will have to do. I’ll show you a picture of what my back looks like atm – zebra as well!
    Be safe and take some rest on the ferry, you do deserve it!


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