Day 12-15

Rest, but no recharged batteries

Here’s just a quick update, written last minute before I leave Riga:

On Thursday, I started out riding from somewhere close to Talinn. Since my sleeping-gear got kinda wet again, I was planning on doing the trip to Riga in one shot. There, my two Latvian friends from the Erasmus semester thankfully offered to host me, so I could sleep nice and dry out my gear.

So, I was riding all day on that highway which connects the Baltic countries with each other. Nothing exciting happend, it was gray and rainy most of the time, the road was straight as an arrow and the traffic was kinda heavy.

After lots of riding through the night & rain, I arrived in Riga and had the best welcome ever. I got moto-paced by car into the city and enjoyed the next days exploring it. Sadly my phone lost the ability to be charged, therefore from now on there won’t be regular updates anymore. This of course poses some problems: From now on I’ll be navigating by a printed out cuesheet, music & podcasts will have to wait, as well as the blog updates.

I have around 1600km of travelling left before I am back home, which I hope to complete by the mid of next week. I’ll let you know once I am back and update all the stories that have happend during my time offline.


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