Day 5

Because I can

Today has been a day of “can”s:

I made 2 different tracks – Because I can (and because the app crashed)

I slept super long – Because I can (yes, really)

I was lazy and stayed in the coffee shop 1.5 hours longer than I had planned – Because I can (and because I wasn’t done downloading the new maps)

I uploaded pictures to my other posts – Because I can (and because I sas waiting in the coffe shop)

I raised my saddle by 3mm – Because I can (and because my knees were still hurting)

I tried the ketonic diet for a while – Because I can (and because I was in such a hurry after leaving the coffe shop, that I didn’t realize I had no food left. Supermarkets are rare when you need them…)

I left the originally planned route and turned further north – Because I can (also, because I had the idea in my head to cycle above the polar circle. It’s just a detour of 300km. When I planned the possible alternative a while ago I saved the route under “because I can”, which is why this is now stuck in my head. The hope to run away from the mosquitos might have played a role as well)

I cycled with a damn high average for over half an hour – Because I can (and because with the higher saddle and the load of carbs after running low on food, everything fell into place. The position in the tri-bars felt super natural, all of the small voices telling you that the body hurts here or there went quiet, and I could just feel how my legs adjusted to the new position. I had to check that there was really no wind pushing me forward, that’s how awesome it felt)

I managed to cook for the 2nd day in a row without spilling half the pot into the grass- Because I can (actually… That’s a lie)

I drank too much cola and am now on a sugar rush while slowly going crazy – Because I can

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One thought on “Day 5

  • June 12, 2015 at 16:41

    First, I want to join the others to admire the great idea of writing this blog and I really enjoy the way you are doing. My new favorite serial 😀

    And secondly, whole trip is a big “can” that is “an impossible” for most of the people. And because you can this, other “because”s don’t even ask for any more explanation 😉

    See you! 🙂


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