Day 6

Confession time

I have a confession to make…

Last night I chose a beautiful spot right by a lake as campsite. I could see the sun rising out of my bivy bag while I was going to bed, and it hat a perfect little bay to get into the water.
This “morning” (11am) was beautiful, sun shining, birds singing.
I undressed, ready to take a swim/bath, walked into the water… Aaaand decided to skip the swim. I am a wuzz, I am sorry. It wasn’t even that cold, I just really didn’t want to.

Besides that , well… Couple km later at the last stop in Sweden I realized that my much loved rear wheel had a broken spoke. What a surprise. I guess my power ride from yesterday was just too much. No, it’s not exactly the spoke I had the bike shop replace 2 weeks ago, of course not (sarcasm).
So I did the dance, went to shop A which sent me to shop B which sent me across the border to Finnland to a dude repairing stuff in his backyard. Waited a while, paid next to nothing, was on my way…

The rest of the day consisted of cycling north, crossing the polar circle and then turning southeast.

Mood wise I’m now in the stage where the routine set in. I don’t have any real short term goals and distraction is hard to come by. I’ll have to make 2 turns tomorrow, that’s the current level of navigational difficulty… So I am listening to podcasts and shifting my saddle from time to time, to see whether I can find a reasonable position for my knees, where they don’t hurt after a couple of hours.


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Straight ahead
Straight ahead

One thought on “Day 6

  • June 13, 2015 at 15:20

    blood sweat and tears
    blood and sweat to you, yes and tears of joy in my eyes, while i am reading your blog,
    sitting on an greek island 30° in the sun with the the knowing it’s cold on your trip
    and not as comfortable as here.
    i,no we, are very proud to have son’s like you and your brother and that’s not our success…
    it’s yours, because you can.
    You wrote that routines set in, but let me say , this will happen the rest of live, but you can.
    You can manage that this will be only a short time and what i see, you do this very well.
    So shift your saddle and we hope you will find a good position, and remember a small shift could end in blood, sweat and tears or in a smile, but this knowing comes first at the end of a trip. 😉


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