Day 7

A day in the life of a dude riding a bike – Part 1

So, since there is not much to tell today, I am starting a new series where I will describe my daily routine in such detail that the term “tmi” for “too much information” might come to mind.
Without further ado: My daily routine

Wake up, fumble for zippers of sleeping bag, fumble for zippers of bivy bag. Open. Roll over to the side, hope that the shoes are standing on the other side. Pee. Slowly start looking around, suddenly aware of the possibility that a jogger might be watching. No one is there, so roll back, now relieved.
Check the time. 9am. On on of the cycling podcasts they said sleeping is the best recovery, also it’s my holiday, so: go back to sleep.

Wake up again. 11am. Might be time now…  Open zippers again, actually stand up this time. Look around at my messy camp with all my stuff hanging in the trees and contemplate the decision to stand up.

Realize there is nothing to be done except to cycle, so pack stuff. Undress from sleep clothes. Do body-cleaning routine with that hand sanitizer stuff while fighting mosquitoes. Dress into aired out bike clothes.

Rethink about how all that stuff fit into the bags. While packing start charging electronic devices from battery pack, so that the pack can later be charged while cycling. Be grumpy about the fact that both charging at the same time is not possible. Try to keep the correct order the stuff goes into the bags and how the bags go onto the bike. Mess the order up, redo parts of it. While doing this munch away leftover Haribo from yesterday for breakfast.

Try to remember which way the road was. Walk in that direction while carrying/pushing the bike. Arrive at road, try to find a song you haven’t listened to already 100 times. Look at map for the distance to the next town. Start tracking app, reset cycle computer. Clip into pedals, make first push and then start cursing out loudly.
To be continued…

In other news, I have decided that Finnish and not Latvian is the weirdest looking language. Someone must have grouped all vowels and äs and ös and ys on a keyboard next to each other. Proud of his work he fell asleep on it, and his head then wrote the Finnish dictionary, with super long words consisting of 80 percent vowels.

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