TCR day 1

  • I’ve been awake since Friday 10 am (over 38 hours?)
  • really nice starting ceremony with torches and stuff
    -good start since I knew where to go for first couple of kms
    -funny picture seeing dozens of cyclists going in all directions and coming back together from time to time
    -lots of rolling hills, enables you to see people 10 minutes in front of you
  • lots of crosswind at night
  • around French border it started raining like crazy in waves for hours, felt like nails hitting you
  • first wave of tiredness at sunrise
  • stuck through it and carried on
  • crosswinds so strong you would sit next to the bike and lean against the wind while riding. Felt like sailing the wind
  • “I’ll just continue till there is no more tailwind” lastet till nightfall, then came the usual boost.
  • 440km according to GPS, around 415 to the cuesheet (which is the interesting distance since it marks my progress
  • sleep in small shelter next to road, feeling good from the body. Hopefully I didn’t push too much and will be able to carry on tomorrow

One thought on “TCR day 1

  • July 26, 2015 at 06:51

    That’s what I am talking about! 400?! You are crazy!


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