Enjoying the End of Summer

End of August marked the beginning of my freedom in two ways: I had delivered my thesis and the Transcontinental Race was done and dusted, therefore I was relieved from any training and studying duties. The perfect occasion for a relaxed touring trip on the tandem with my Dad.
The original idea had been to cross the Alps from North to South on bike paths from various “Rails to Trails” Projects in 5 days. But apparently we weren’t alone with that idea, and none of the viable trains back from Italy had any spaces left for bikes. Therefore we changed plans and opted for the Bodensee-Königsee-Radweg.

For 2.5 days we cycled along the outskirts of the Alps along the very scenic (and surprisingly hilly) bike route and enjoyed the end of the summer. The first evening we got caught by a thunderstorm and spent the night in a hotel, the second night we slept in bivy bags under the stars. Since the clouds predicted another thunderstorm for the 3rd evening and all the hotels were booked out, we cut the trip short and just took the train back home.
This had been a trip to enjoy and have fun, not one to test personal limits.

Below is a quick and dirty edit of the camera footage.

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